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22 November 2007

Strange Days Just Got Stranger

I haven't written here for five months. This is mainly because I started doing a bit more work - and also because a lot of time was involved in nurturing my pregnant (now not pregnant) good lady friend, who has now blessed us both with a wonderful son.

Current roles I enjoy are:

1. BTEC Radio Production course tutor at Gateway College in Leicester. £300 per month for a four-hour week.
2. IT Project Executive at lingerie shop in Stratford-upon-Avon. £500 a month for a couple of days per week.
3. Director of Poduction Limited, which still moves very slowly despite much interest from a varied selection of sectors. £0 per month.
4. Landlord of two flats, one in London, one in Birmingham. London £1300 per month. Birmingham going on market in the New Year.

And so, just 18 months after leaving my infernal role at the national broadcaster - sorry, it wasn't all infernal - just the bit that involved those women (except one) plus that man and his late night show - I am back to earning the same money. And I have no stress. And my muppet quota has drastically reduced.

Life is good. Which leads me onto this: how stupid do you have to be to respond to the following, which dropped in my inbox yesterday:

Good Day
I know this mail will come to you as a surprise. Any how forgive me if I disturb your privacy.

My name is Wilson Taylor, the Son of Mr Charles Taylor, the former president of Liberia, who is facing trial for alleged crime against humanity at The Hague. This whole frame up was orchestrated by the Mrs Allis Johnson The present president who is bent to destroy our family.

All our family wealth has been seized so we are left with nothing. However, my father during one of his visit to Cote d'Ivoire deposited in a bank the sum of USD 8,500,000.00, with the name of his personal aid who is also serving a jail term in Liberia. I have the deposit documents with me so I am asking for your help so that this money will be released and transferred to your account as the beneficiary of the money

Please, if you are interested to assist me with this transaction, kindly let me so that i will give you more details. Be rest assured that this transaction secured and risk free.

I am waiting for your response
Yours sincerely
Wilson Taylor

If anyone actually falls for these things - and I understand that they do, frequently - then, frankly, that person deserves everything he or she gets.

Which is an crook emptying their bank accounts.