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01 May 2008

All Change, Please

The Yanks must be looking at our political process - though, more than likely, they aren't - scratching their heads at how all this change occurred with nary a 'woo-hoo' or a 'yeah'. Or any chanting of slogans. Hardly any money spent. No buses. No flags. No rallies.

So what does my unimportant mind think is going to happen come tomorrow morning? For starters I was taken aback at the presence of a BNP candidate on my local ticket. Couldn't believe it. I worry that, in the current climate of ethnofear, the knee-jerk brigade might just cast their votes down this sorry route. I hope this is not so, it would be a victory for stupidity.

Locally, that leaves me with Lib, Lab, Con and Green. They let a BNP candidate in, but no UKIP. No independents. Labour seat here, by a whisker to the Lib Dems. Too many times already on this evening's coverage, I've heard words to the effect (from both Cons and Libs) that Gordon Brown's Labour party has been the best recruitment sergeant for their own party. One thing I can be sure of: Gordon is going to wake up sore tomorrow.

The London mayoral election is also a key part of today's shenanigans. Many are suggesting that it will be a forerunner to the next General Election, and if Boris gets in - Cameron and co are going to be high-fiving and whooping their way down Whitehall on Friday morning. Actually, they probably won't, but perhaps some analogous Etonian-style celebrations, I'm sure.

I have also been rather alarmed to hear that wheelie bins are such a pivotal topic. Clearly the system here in Birmingham is buggered: I've visited towns and cities where each house has nice big bins for paper, metal, glass, plastic, food waste - the way it should be done, and the way most Europeans have been dealing with the issue for years.

So, rubbish collections aside, GB will take a bloodied nose come tomorrow - whether by Libs or Cons in their respective patches. I reckon Boris will get it in London. And both Cameron and Clegg will be fnarring at the PM, whose party will now slide further into disrepute, before he loses the next election.


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