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28 May 2007

Oops, I Did It Again

Sorry, sorry, sorry...well, actually, I'm not. The reason I've not indulgently spewed my guts out as frequently recently is a) I'm actually doing three days a week at Mum's shop. I wish, when we'd been sold the system, an accurate depiction of the time involved in setting it up had been given. Suffice it to say, we are complete - inventory and stock - for both swimwear and nightwear. We have lingerie to do. Then we shall move to EPOS. It's all very exciting, but it's also quite time-consuming.

The boat is now in the hands of the marine engineers who are going to get her back to full working order, before I collect her and motor around to Penarth where her new berth awaits. Needless to say, whether you're in Spain or Wales, the marine engineering - indeed, the marine industry - are not known for doing much in any great hurry. As such, it is now the end of May, and it's been at the yard for the last six weeks. Apparently, I can collect it next weekend.

Interestingly, an old mate has hooked me up with some radio consultancy work. His company - who are essentially technology delivery - need someone who can talk the talk about the possibilities of making radio more than noise out of a speaker. The client is overseas, and so I very much look forward to being able to reveal more.

Not that Plan A is under any stress: my business partner will be taking a career break from where he works in mid-July - so we can actually spend some serious time trying to get this off the ground. I think it will work. And there's still a very hot iron that we are expecting to hear from soon.

It might seem strange to leave this news until this point in the post, but I'm working through a diary, and it's just happened. On Tuesday 1st May, my beloved attended her three-month scan for our impending baby. Yes, now it is my turn to inflict draconian parental damage upon this new soul. I'm joking, of course, before the Kid Police come looking for me. I am absolutely over the bloody moon about this news, and you can expect delivery on 1st November.

5th to 12th May saw a Merry bunch of Pranksters heading to the Isle of Skye in the Western Highlands and Islands. A combination of fresh air, physical exertion (not that I contributed a great amount to this particular effort), natural beauty, zero urbanisation, copious beers and plenty of cigarettes led to a tremendous sense of calm and revitalisation.

And that's pretty much it - I've been at the shop, heads down, for the last three weeks (three days per week, I'm not overdoing it). And that's how it will be until the missus, her bump and I head for a little time in the sun, on the beach, somewhere hot. Sometime soon.